Each group will create a literature guide on the Wiki for a set of chapters in the book. Each guide should contain a section on vocabulary, literary elements, discussion questions, project area and a short quiz. The sections should be linked together.

After the guides are complete, each student will complete the story structure elements questions and at least 4 discussion questions from one of the other groups' guides. Each student will then choose one project to complete (from any guide) and each student will complete all of the short quizzes.

Please follow the guidelines below for each section:

1. Vocabulary- List 15 words with definitions. Using at least ten (10) of the words, create a crossword puzzle, word scramble, or matching game for other groups to complete. Check this site for more game ideas or check this site Puzzle Maker. Click here for special instructions to add a crossword puzzle or image.

2. Story Structure Elements-Write one question for each of the following story structure elements: setting, plot (events), and characters. Members of the other groups will be answering these three questions.

3. Discussion Questions-Each team will create 8 discussion questions from the material found in their assigned chapters. These questions should require more than one word answers. In other words, develop questions that will require an explanation.
Members of the other groups will be required to choose 5 of these questions to answer.

4. Project Area-Create a list of 5 possible project suggestions related to the story. The choices could include creating a poster, model, research project, poetry, writing a letter, creative writing, or a developing a skit or interview. Students will choose one of these activities to complete.

5. Short Quiz-Create a 5 question multiple choice quiz for your section. Each of the questions should have 4 possible answers. Keep an answer key to later grade the quizzes that other groups take. Each student will be required to complete all quizzes.

Team guide work should be posted to the team links below.

Team Work Pages
Chapters 1-7
Team 1

Chapters 8-14
Team 2

Chapters 15-21
Team 3

Chapters 22-28
Team 4

All individual guide work should be on your Individual Student Work page (below). The completed assignments for all sections of the book are due on February 11. The projects will be presented the week of February 14.

Individual Work Pages